Version 12r1 Releases This tree will contain released Version 12r1 software.

Note that in Version 12r1 there are no test licenses any more! They are replaced by the test mode, see Reference12r1:General/License for details.

12r1 will work not with V11 licenses! You will need a license update thus in order to upgrade from 11r1/2 to 12r1. Please be sure to read Howto:Firmware Upgrade V11r2 V12r1.

Please note that there is (as in V11r1/2) no 12r1 support for IP600, IP1500, IP3000, IP3000DD, IP21, IP400, IP202 and IP200 (the old one, not IP200A, see label on the back). There is only limited 12r1 support for IP110, IP200A, IP230, IP240 (there are new models IP110A, IP240A though with full support for 12r1).

If you cannot find the application download your are looking for, the reason is most likely that the application you are interested in was originally released based on a previous firmware version. See Howto:Download_Server_Structure.

Please note! Important note regarding provisioning!
Starting with version 10, innovaphone devices connect automatically with during commissioning or after restoring factory settings. This process serves to simplify provisioning. A connection is always established automatically to If you would like to avoid this procedure, the innovaphone device must be booted in an environment without a public internet connection. For more information about provisioning possibilities, see: Reference10:Concept_Provisioning. The following information is transmitted to innovaphone upon connection with The version and serial number of the device and the public IP address. This information is managed in accordance with innovaphone's data protection policy.


firmware Version 12r1 gateway and telephone firmware

Before you try to upgrade to Version 12r1, be sure to read the upgrade notes!

For release notes, see Support:DVL-Roadmap Firmware 12r1

Please refer to this update warning before you upgrade from V11r2 sr13 and earlier or any V12r1 preview!


Firmware V12r1 sr27

Tuesday November 06, 2018

build 12126100
Release notes (2.8 kB)

Firmware (everything) (223.74 MB)

doc (2.59 MB) toolbox (400.1 kB) softwarephone (8.33 MB) myPBX (3.54 MB) IPVA (10.14 MB) IP241 (4.57 MB) IP232 (5.8 MB) IP222 (5.8 MB) IP112 (4.74 MB) IP111 (4.74 MB) IP240 (7.08 MB) IP230 (4.2 MB) IP200A (6.11 MB) IP150 (6.11 MB) IP110 (7.08 MB) IP72 (3.71 MB) IP2000 (7.22 MB) IP3011 (7.33 MB) IP3010 (6.85 MB) IP1130 (7.33 MB) IP1060 (6.85 MB) IP0011 (7.33 MB) IP0010 (6.85 MB) IP6010 (6.85 MB) IP6000 (7.22 MB) IP1202 (5.49 MB) IP1200 (5.01 MB) IP811 (7.33 MB) IP810 (6.85 MB) IP800 (4.27 MB) IP411 (6.89 MB) IP311 (6.89 MB) IP305 (4.39 MB) IP302 (4.39 MB) IP38 (4.54 MB) IP29 (7.74 MB) IP28 (3.74 MB) IP24 (3.74 MB) IP22 (3.74 MB)

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