Version 7 Releases This tree contains released Version 7 firmware and documentation.

Version 7 Test Licenses can be obtained here.

Please note that there is no IP600 and IP1500 firmware available in Version 7. You should use the latest V5 firmware for these devices.

Also,there is No V7 support for IP21, IP400, IP202 and IP200 (the old one, not IP200A, see label on the back). You should use the latest V6 firmware for these devices.


apps Version 7 based Applications and Tools
These are applications and tools which require at least firmware version 7 (but may work with version 8 and up too)

Applications which run with older firmware versions too can be found on the apps section of the V6 pages


V7 only applications hotfix11

Friday January 13, 2012

build 7000036
Release notes (6.1 kB)

Tapi (32/64-bit) (6.53 MB)

Tools (91.3 kB)

Everything (6.62 MB)

tools (91.3 kB) tapi3264 (6.53 MB)

Older builds are available.

firmware Version 7 gateway and telephone firmware

Be sure to read the upgrade notes before you try to upgrade to Version 7!


Firmware V7.00 hotfix40

Wednesday October 17, 2012

build 7061400
Release notes (11.3 kB)

Firmware (everything) (43.42 MB)

IP240 (1.86 MB) IP230 (1.87 MB) IP200A (1.87 MB) IP150 (1.86 MB) IP110 (1.87 MB) IP72 (6.09 MB) IP2000 (3.97 MB) IP6000 (3.97 MB) IP3000 (2.03 MB) IP1200 (2.85 MB) IP800 (2.6 MB) IP305 (2.51 MB) IP302 (2.51 MB) IP28 (2.51 MB) IP24 (2.51 MB) IP22 (2.51 MB)

Older builds are available.

ocs This is the innovaphone firmware which has been officially certified by Microsoft for use with Microsoft OCS


Firmware V7.00 OCS ocs-certified

Monday February 09, 2009

build 09-7034301
Release notes (1.8 kB)

Firmware (Gateways) (29.01 MB)

gw2000 (3.91 MB) gw6000 (3.91 MB) gw3000 (1.99 MB) gw1200 (2.79 MB) gw800 (2.56 MB) gw305 (2.77 MB) gw302 (2.77 MB) gw28 (2.77 MB) gw24 (2.77 MB) gw22 (2.77 MB)

wikitogo An offline copy of inno-wiki (updated weekly)


Weekly Wiki2Go Update final

Sunday March 13, 2022

build 70924
Release notes (941 B)

Weekly Wiki2Go Update (651.97 MB)